Monday, February 22, 2010

Two weeks ago I was invited by one of my friends, Trent Nelson, to come and preach the gospel at the local City Life (Youth For Christ) club that he and his team lead at a middle school in Tacoma called Jason Lee Middle School. Trent and I have partnered together a lot in the past year and have seen many souls saved at this school, which is located in the heart of Tacoma. There are an average of 100 non-churched students who attend the City Life club every Friday after school. It is a great privilege to get to partner with what God is doing through this dynamic ministry at Jason Lee.

The Friday that I came to minister there were about 120 students at club, most of whom I've never seen before. Being the week before Valentines Day I told the story of my first kiss... the students ate it up! The Lord (somehow) let me use this to lead into a gospel message where I called the students to come down from the bleachers and stand on the line on the basketball court to receive ministry if they wanted to encounter God and begin to follow Him. About 80 students immediately came down and stood on the line!!! So many students were powerfully ministered to and really encountered God. I even had several kids come up to me during that time and ask me whey they themselves were crying. They said, "Why are we crying? What is this we are feeling?" I smiled and said, "this is Jesus; He loves you so much!"

I want to invite you to pray for the ministry at Jason Lee this month. God is really using the team there that is uniquely comprised of people from 4 different organizations, including City Central, each working in unity together. We are currently planning a spring retreat for these students who just came to Christ. I will be helping Trent to coordinate a team from our young adult ministry to do all the preaching, music and prayer ministry for the retreat! We anticipate that God will use this weekend to strategically move the kids forward in their relationship with Christ.